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Our Facilities Cover Diverse Corporate Markets

No matter for direct fertilizer production, to process animal manure, or to recycle the industrial waste, Shunxin facilities are your optimal choice to achieve your material processing.

Shunxin Fertilizer Manufacturing Facility

Our R&D Team

Our company has established a research and development center, focusing on the research and development, design, and manufacture of fertilizer equipment. The technical core personnel of this center have more than decades of industry experience and have rich theoretical and practical experience. The R&D center team have professional customized designs, which can fully meet the customers’ various needs in small, middle, and large fertilizer projects.


Our Equipment is smart, efficient, and market-focused.

The rich project experience allows us to better understand the real needs of customers, so the recommended equipment is more accurate; to pursue and maintain an excellent corporate reputation, we strive for excellence in equipment quality; while continuously developing new fertilizer equipment, we are constantly improving Improve the details and operating efficiency of existing equipment.


Perfect Project for You

We have an independent technology research and development team to support one-stop solution design, installation and commissioning, and training guidance; We are 365*24 open throughout the year, and the project plan is deeply customized to provide you with detailed communication, safe transportation, and whole-hearted service.

Shunxin Facility has been the Industry-Leading Company for more than 15 years, making it the most trusted corporation in the world.

Take Your Business To The Next Level

With our rich project experience, top-class quality of equipment and technology, and reliable service reputation, your fertilizer idea will turn into amazing fertilizer business, and your fertilizer business will boom bigger!

New Type Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Our Products

For different capacities of various material processing, Shunxin facilities have developed a wide range of fertilizer making equipment for your special needs.

  • Bulk Blending Fertilizer Plant
  • 10 to15 ton Compound NPK Fertilizer Production Line
  • 3D line design for powder fertilizer project in Timor Leste
The machine is running good. We want to buy in advance to be in stock. 
Miss B. Nilantha, Global Fertilizer Company
We’ve played around with making different sizes. We can make big ones and small ones. We are happy with the disc granulator’s performance.
Mr. D. J. Philip, Leader

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