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Shunxin facility has devoted to the equipment for fertilizer production lines since the year 2005. We have upgraded to a high-tech level with excellent quality in our equipment. We provide the best designs and installation services for fertilizer production projects. And our customers give a high rating to our equipment operations on the site.

Ukrainian Fertilizer Plant

Ukrainian Fertilizer Factory

1~2 tons/hour Ammonium Sulfate Chemical Fertilizer Making Project in Ukraine

Timor Leste Fertilizer Line

Timor Leste Fertilizer Line

2~3 tons/hour Organic Fertilizer Powder Production Line in Timor Leste

Uzbekistan Fertilizer Plant

Uzbekistan Fertilizer Plant

4~6 tons/hour Organic Waste + Humic Acid Fertilizer Making System in Uzbekistan

Indian Fertilizer Workshop

Indian Fertilizer Workshop

6~8 tons/hour Disc/Pan Granulation Factory for Inorganic Fertilizer in India

Zimbabwean Fertilizer Factory

Zimbabwe Fertilizer Plant

40~60 tons/hour Bulk Blending Fertilizer Production Line in Zimbabwe

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