What is Diammonium Phosphate fertilizer?

Diammonium phosphate fertilizer, referred to as DAP for short, is a plant food rich in mineral phosphorus. It is widely used by farmers to produce cereals and field crops, such as corn, wheat, rye, and some turf grasses. Many farmers choose to mix it with other fertilizers to meet the special needs of their crops and soil.

Diammonium phosphate (DAP) fertilizer

Phosphate is essential for healthy plant growth and can increase the ability of plants to withstand extreme temperatures (such as hot and cold). This also improves their water efficiency, making them drought-tolerant and accelerating growth. This makes DAP fertilizer a popular choice for most farmers.

How does Shunxin Double Roller Granulator work for the diammonium phosphate granulation?

Shunxin double roller granulator machine, also called Shunxin compacting machine, is one machine type developed by the professional technical team in Shunxin Machinery on the diammonium phosphate granulation. Powder raw materials of Diammonium Phosphate can be directly turned into 4-10mm uniform granules at its best granulation without any additives by a series of Shunxin dry roller granulator. The purpose of granulation is to reduce pollution, improve the appearance and improve flow. This makes it easier to store and transport with the solubility and the porosity under well control.

Shunxin Double roller granulator machine for the diammonium phosphate granulation

The powdery materials are evenly pre-compressed through the hopper and transported to the arc grooves of the two rollers. The surfaces of the two rollers are evenly distributed and have the same shape and good contrast ratio. Through the insertion transmission of a pair of gears, the two rollers are pressed at a constant speed and reversely rotated.

Woring principle of Compactor granulator

The powder material of diammonium phosphate is forced to compress instantly. The pressure of the material after compression forming gradually changes, and it is displaced from the granulation groove under the action of gravity and enters the crushing. Then all the particles are sieved and classified according to the particle size requirements to obtain uniform particle products that meet the requirements. The broken particles and powder sifted out will be crushed and granulated again.

Feedback on Double Roller Granulator Project from Ukrainian Customer

Using Shunxin Machinery’s professional double-roller extrusion granulation equipment, according to the type of crops planted and the quality of the planted soil (acidic or alkaline), dry granulated fertilizers are manufactured according to different formulas, which can provide different Nutrient mixing.

Drawing of Shunxin compacting fertilizer project in Russia

What kinds of raw materials are applicable to use Shunxin Compacting machine?

For single fertilizers: potassium sulfate, potassium chloride, Russian red potassium, compound fertilizer, ammonium chloride, potassium nitrate, mono-ammonium phosphate, diammonium phosphate, ammonium sulfate, ammonium bicarbonate, etc.

For powder material: Antioxidant, bromochlorine, bleaching powder, lead oxide, zinc oxide, potassium carbonate, calcium chloride, calcium hydrogen phosphate, cryolite, white carbon, heavy calcium, normal calcium, magnesium oxide, etc. .

Any different choices for my different material handling capacity?

We have designed three commonly used models for this Shunxin twin roller granulator, which are 1t/h, 2t/h, and 3t/h. In addition to being a single machine for small-volume granulation, it can also be used in multiple units. The production line carries out large-scale fertilizer production.

What the Double Roller Granulator is capable of

This is the 3D drawing of our compacting fertilizer project in Russia for your information. The client mixes power DAP together with the other 2 kinds of power inorganic material for compacting granulation and screen out the unqualified pellets for crushing and re-granulating then pack the qualified into bags for sale. Basic information is as below:

  1. Production line capacity: 10~12 tons/hour;
  2. Raw materials: 3 kinds of power inorganic material;
  3. Production area: about 1000m²;
  4. Process flow: Batching – Mixing – Granulating – Screening – Packing;
  5. Manpower needed: 2~3 people;
  6. Power support: industrial electricity.

How Shunxin Double Roller Granulator makes batter diammonium phosphate fertilizer?

The granulation of materials is at room temperature, energy-saving and consumption-reducing extrusion granulation. It is different from other methods and does not require drying measures such as fuel oil and gas.

It applies the Dry granulation method, no additional additives are required, only the intermolecular force of the material itself is used, which simplifies the process and reduces this time.

The drying process is not included in the investment cost, and at the same time the return rate is low (accounting for about 5% of the total feed of the extruder). The process is simple, and the investment is under well control.

The raw materials available for compacting granulation are diverse and the composition is flexible. There are more than 20 common materials, such as ammonium nitrate, urea, ammonium chloride, calcium nitrate, potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, etc. Thus it’s very easy and flexible to realize the replacement of product formula in a very short time, as a set of equipment can produce more than 30 formula products.

  1. Driven by electricity, environmentally friendly, pollution-free, Shunxin equipment for diammonium phosphate fertilizer production adaptsto the needs of global environmental protection, in line with the development strategy of corporate environmental protection.

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