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How much will it cost in chicken poop to fertilizer production?2020-07-08T17:10:17+08:00

More equipment choices for scale chicken manure processing

  1. For different dewatering capacities on animal waste:We can customize the dewatering machine according to Clients’ actual needs, such as the Triple type or the Sieve type. These types and models are designed to separate large handling capacities of high-water-content materials, like medicine dregs, or sludge waste, or livestock manures from chickens/ducks/pigs/sheep/cows, etc. Different handling needs for all kinds of separating projects can be satisfied with our machines.
  2. For different raw material and crushing capacities:Shunxin Semi-wet Material Crusher is mainly used for pulverizing organic materials with relatively high water content, such as livestock and poultry manure in farms, bio-organic fertilizer fermentation compost, rural straw waste, urban domestic waste compost (MSW), industrial organic waste, grass peat, etc. The size of the machine is very small, so space can be saved; It can be operated after the power is turned on, so the operation is very simple. Different models of this machine can handle the output capacities from 1t/h to 8t/h to the crushing granularity of 50mesh (0.3~0.5mm).

    Shunxin New Type Vertical Crusher draws on advanced crushing equipment at home and abroad. After optimization and upgrading, it has no screen strips and can be debugged freely. It is mainly suitable for crushing organic materials and fertilizers. The design of the machine body is simple and smooth, and there will be no blockage during operation; the cutting blade material is special and strengthened, and cooperates with multiple chains, the service life is extended longer, and the crushing effect is excellent; the machine body is provided with an observation window, extremely convenient and quick to adjust or replace the wearing parts such as the blades and chains.

    Shunxin Straw Crusher is one of our new Crushing products, mainly used for crushing raw wood materials to uniform crushing fineness. It is equipped with a standard stainless steel screen, of which the screening mesh can be adjusted according to the specific requirements of the customer. The crusher is with a small footprint, simple for operation, and high working efficiency. Different models can handle the output capacities of from 1t/h to 5t/h. It is an excellent choice in the market to crush raw materials such as common-sized wood and branches, etc.

What to prepare for chicken manure processed to organic fertilizer?2020-07-08T17:10:48+08:00

Once the project plan is confirmed and ordered, Shunxin machinery will provide the drawings for the composting design and machine layout. Warehouses for the material composting area and fertilizer production area can be built according to our project suggestions.

Based on how the machines work for each process, it usually needs 4~5 people to operate a powder fertilizer production line and 6~8 people to run a granular one. If you have a different plan for the project workforce, you can arrange the manpower accordingly.

Most fertilizer processing equipment from Shunxin machinery can be controlled either by electricity or as customized. The power consumption can be calculated according to the matched machine models as suggested. Clients can make preparation for the power supply.

More quality chicken manure fertilizer machines to make granular fertilizer?2020-07-08T17:11:07+08:00

Yes. Shunxin facility supplies many kinds of chicken waste organic fertilizer granulator machines and Shunxin Engineering Team will find the best suitable machine types for different clients’ needs. Below are some of our most best-selling granulator machines for your reference:

  1. Shunxin DiscGranulator machines for different chicken manure processing capacitiesSome Australian clients call our Shunxin Disc Granulator the Shunxin Pan Granulator. Meanwhile a few Indian customers prefer it to be Shunxin Ball Plate Granulator. The overall structure of the disc type starts smoothly with the cooperation of the motor and the reducer, reducing the impact force during operation, and greatly improving the service life of the equipment. The plate bottom is strengthened by multiple reinforced radiating steel plates, durable and never deformed. The base is thickened and heavier, fixed and stable, thus no additional reinforcement is required.The granulation rate of the powdered chicken manure raw material by this machine is as high as 93%. We have specially developed more than ten models of this machine type, which can handle the output capacities from 0.5t/h to 6t/h. Combined with its excellent quality and relatively low price, Shunxin Disc Granulator is the first ideal choice as we highly recommend for granular organic and compound fertilizer products.
  2. Models of Shunxin New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator to pellet layer hens droppings materialBased on its structure and working principle, the New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator is also referred to as the Stirring Granulator. It has a beautiful and compact appearance. There is a group of stirring teeth working around the central rotary axis. After the equipment is started, these stirring teeth start to rotate at a high speed, which will form a strong mechanical stirring force and generate aerodynamic force. The fine powder chicken manure material in the machine body will be driven to get continuous mixing, granulation, densification, and strengthening.

    The chicken manure granules in this method get processed to a more rounded shape, a more uniform size, at the same time a higher granulation rate. Shunxin Technical Team has designed a total of six models for this New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator, capable of handling output from 1t/h to 8t/h. Therefore, it has become more and more popular with clients who have the need for organic fertilizer granulation.

  3. Powerful Rotary Drum Granulators to treat large scale poultry dung to granular fertilizerShunxin Rotary drum granulator is one of the key molding equipment in the organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer industry, which can make chicken manure raw materials in it into round granular fertilizer. It is mainly suitable for large-scale production of high, medium and low concentration compound fertilizers and hot/cold granulation. We have several models for this equipment to handle output capacities from 1t/h to 25t/h.

    Here’s how Shunxin Rotary Granulator works: during the granulation process, adding a certain amount of water or steam will increase the humidity of the powder chicken manure material in the cylinder and help react. So under certain liquid phase conditions, wet granulation is applied as the main working method. With the help of the rotating motion of the cylinder, the squeezing force generated will make the raw material powder particles agglomerated into small balls to achieve the purpose of granulation.

Is processing chicken manure into powder included in the granular fertilizer production?2020-07-08T17:11:47+08:00

Yes, except the difference of the Packing machines As the chicken manure material for granular organic fertilizer has to be completely fermented and crushed into powder before the production, so normally for the same capacity to process, most equipment in a powder fertilizer line is included in the granular one.

What’s the price of your facility?2020-08-05T17:19:51+08:00

Shunxin Fertilizer Facility, as a professional fertilizer equpment manufacturer, we will provide our machine at factory price. Since different customers have different requirments on the equipment, so the price is also different. To provide you best quality fertilizer machines at resonable price, customers when choose to buy our products, can tell us the basic information you need, such as the machine’s capacity, and your raw materials, etc.

How to install the fertilizer equipment?2020-08-05T17:29:11+08:00

Fertilizer Equipment Installation is the other important thing after buying. ShunXin can provide our customers installation service when clients choose us as their supplier. First, our design engineer will provide you design layout according to your site scales. Then, we will assign our installaton engineers go to customers site donging the stallation work. So if you need the installation service from us, you can tell us your site scale details, we will design for you.

How do you design for me?2020-08-05T17:42:57+08:00

Fertilizer production equiment useusally is used in animal farms, chemical fertilizer factories, and brewhouses for  organic waste disposal. They are customized products, need special design from us. First, in the machine’s deign, customers can tell us your requiremnts on the equipment, like capacity, color, coltageor other special configurations. Second, the deisgn layouts, how to outline a vauable design layout? That will be based on the site information customer provide us. So, customers want to us design for you, please share us the detailed inormation of your fertilizer production project and the machines specifications.

How to get the fertilizer equipment price?2020-08-07T17:22:34+08:00

There are so many customers when they see the fertilizer equipment on our web, they want to know the price of the machine. Usually, the cost of the fertilizer production machine equipment depends on the specification of the facility customers need. So for customers who want to get the specific price of the fertilizer machine, whether the fertilizer production lines, like organic fertilizer production line, compound fertilizer production line or the bulk blending fertilizer production line, or the single fertilizer manufacturing machines used in the fertilizer production process, such as fertilizer granulators, compost turners, fertilizer crushers, fertilizer screening equipment, etc., you can tell us the basic information from your sides: the raw materials you have; your processing capacities per hour; and the form of the fertilizer you want to make (this is for the fertilizer production lines ).

Raw materials: Before to send you our quote for the fertilizer facility’s price, the first thing we would like to know the raw materials you have to produce the fertilizer. That is because the material will influence the availability of the machine. Usually, for organic fertilizer production, animal manure, like cow dung, chicken manure, got dung, horse manure are perfect, while kitchen wastes, garden wastes are not quite available. For compound fertilizer production, available materials are usually finished powder or granular straight fertilizers.
Processing capacities: the processing capacity of your raw materials per hour or day, month or per year will decide what capacities of the machine you need. Usually, the larger the capacity, the higher price you will pay for the fertilizer equipment. So, when you choose the purchase a new fertilizer machine from us, the other important thing you need to let us know is the capacity of you want to process your materials into the fertilizer. However, if you do now know how to calculate the exact capacity of your raw materials, you can tell us the scale of your farm, or how many animals do you have?
Finished fertilizer forms: When you need to complete fertilizer production lines, the finished fertilizer forms you need will also affect the price of the fertilizer equipment. Usually, the powdery fertilizer production line price is lower than the granule fertilizer production line with the same production capacity.

How does your comany manage the order?2020-08-07T17:23:42+08:00

Our company will manage the order from the following steps:
Firstly: customers should confirm the detailed information of the machines you need. That will include all the machines details you need. Form the types of fertilizer machines to the components of every machine you need to buy from us.
Secondly: When all the machines details information has been confirmed, customers need to make part of payments as deposit of the whole order for equipment manufacturing. Usually, the payments shall not less than the 30% of the whole order.
Thirdly: When the factory finished the equipment manufacturing work, customer need to pay the left part of the money (70% usually). Then, when the company receive the left 70% payments from our customer, the company will ready to ship the machine to customers port.

Fertilizer Production Line Installation2020-08-12T18:14:38+08:00

As a professional fertilizer production machine manufacturer, we have our complete installation service for our customers all around the world. Usually, when customers buy a complete fertilizer production line from our factory, they will need our installation service for their project. In such circumstance, we will arrange one or two of our installation engineers to customers site for installation. When our engineer come to customers fertilizer production site, our engineer will help customer install all the equipment from us. Usually, the installation work will take 15 to 30 days.

How to get customized fertilizer facility?2020-08-12T18:15:37+08:00

We provide customized services for our customer when customer have special requirements on the fertilizer production machines., When customer need the customize service from our factory, you need tell us your special requirements from your sides, including why and how, then we will arrange our manufacturing stuff to manufacture the products for you

Customer service will be range from the machine design to the machine manufacturing. If customers need special design, like color or structure design needs, our engineer will meet you such requirements. Once we receive your requirements one the customize service, we will tailor the equipment perfect matched your demands for your sides.

How do I get I configure machines for my plant?2020-08-12T18:17:17+08:00

For customers who just start up your fertilizer making business, they will always do not know how to configure machines for their fertilizer plants. They do not know what machines they need to buy or even they do not know what each machine can do for them in the fertilizer production process. If so, our fertilizer project engineer will provide you best available design and configure solutions for you based on your fertilizer project scales, your budgets, etc.

What’s your technical support?2020-08-12T18:18:41+08:00

Shunxin fertilizer facility will provide customers complete and one stop service for every client choose us as their reliable fertilizer equipment manufacturer and supplier. Before the sales, we provide customers design and project proposals to help customer choose the best available fertilizer machines they need. In the sales, we will guide our clients let know our machine indifferent aspects, from specifications to the working performance, customer will get a whole knowledge in the buying process tour fertilizer equipment, from design to manufacturing. After the sales, we also provide 24 hours technical support in the whole year to the machine’s maintenance and upgrade service. We provide 12 months products warranty free of charge for our customers.

How to make the payment?2020-08-12T18:19:25+08:00

Customers can make the payments in different ways at customer convenience.
T/T Payments (Telegraphic Transfer). Customers can make the fertilizer production machines payments by T/T. By using this method, customer need to pay 30% deposits, and the left when all the machines finished manufacturing for shipping.

L/C (Letter of Credit) Customers can use L/C as the payment method to make the payment.

How do I get the products?2020-08-12T18:20:48+08:00

When customer have made all the payments for the fertilizer production equipment, our company will prepare to ship the machine for our customers. First, our factory will pack all the fertilizer equipment closely. Then, all the packaged fertilizer machines will be loaded to cars or trucks to ship to the nearest sea port in China. The next step is, all the machines will be off shore to customers sea port of your country. The times used in transportation will depends on where the country of our customer. The nearer customers country away from china, the shorter of the transportation time will be used. When the machine arrives at customers port of your country, customer can go there to withdraw your products.
Thus, customers when need our company to ship the fertilizer machines for you. When you make the order from us. You need tell us the sea port of your country. Then will arrange the shipments to your country’s sea port.

What to do before machine installation?2020-08-12T18:21:24+08:00

Installation is the final process before customer use our fertilizer equipment in fertilizer production. So, to make sure customers use our fertilizer production line timely and successfully, when customers need the installation services from us, customers should tell us your site details. Then, our engineers will design for you. With customized design layouts, customer will know every machines position in the whole fertilizer production line. Our installation engineer will help you in the installation work.

Thus, before installation, firstly, customers need to tell us the scale of your fertilizer plant. What’s the size of your factory, like width, length and height? Then, customers need to let your plant fit for the fertilizer equipment installation. Specially site building requirements, when installation, customers can negotiate with our installation engineers in advance.

Who will deign for the machine?2020-08-12T18:23:28+08:00

All the fertilizer production machines are designed by our professional fertilizer equipment manufacturing. The customized design requirements customers can tell us your special requirements on the fertilizer production machine. If you have requirements on the machines structural, or the color, or production capacity, we will manufacture the as you required.

How do you configure the products I need?2020-08-12T18:23:53+08:00

The factory will manufacture the fertilizer production machine based on your land requirements. The fertilizer production equipment configuration will be based on your detailed requirements on our machine. When you make the order from us. The company will configure the available fertilizer machines based on your raw materials, production capacities. The we will design for you on the equipment layouts based on your fertilizer plant site details. In the fertilizer plant machine configurations, our professional team will design for you best solutions at reasonable price.

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