Shunxin facility has devoted to the equipment for fertilizer production lines since the year 2005. We have upgraded to a high-tech level with excellent quality in our equipment. We provide the best designs and installation services for fertilizer production projects. And our customers give a high rating to our equipment operations on the site.

What wonderful experience Shunxin facility has brought to our customers’ fertilizer production plan? There are many types of fertilizer production lines depend on special project needs. The customers can have specific project designs according to the different raw materials and product uses. Let’s take some typical cases of fertilizer production lines around the world as examples to feel the Shunxin Energy.

1. 1~2 tons/hour Chemical ammonium sulfate fertilizer making project in Ukraine

It was the first time the Ukraine customer trying for fertilizer business. He hoped to make the project safer and more secure. The site size he prepared for the project and the sulfate amount to be processed are both small. The plan we designed for him was simple but efficient: a set of conveying equipment and granulating equipment.

The customer planned to pack the final fertilizer products into plastic bags manually. And the first Screw Conveyor was to feed the ammonium sulfate into the second Double Roller Granulator; and the granulator squeezed the fine powder material into a compacted oblate granular fertilizer.

He got a good commercial influence from the products after using our equipment for fertilizer production. Just for less than two months, he got the county government's financial and policy support. Now the customer is expanding the project site, planning to add new equipment, and expand the fertilizer production scale.

2. 2~3 tons/hour Organic fertilizer powder production line in Timor Leste

Timor Leste Fertilizer Line

The customer uses the dry coffee cherry pulp as the main raw material, mixed with a small number of other organic matters. During the material collection, a considerable amount of bricks and stones even metal matters have been mixed into the raw materials. This makes the final product not perfect to be commercially packaged.

In this condition, we suggest the customer using our Screening machine to sieve out the unqualified objects before starting to process it; At the same time, to keep the metal matters in the raw material from damaging the fertilizer machines, we specifically optimized a new Metal Removing Device before the Crushing Process.

Now the 2~3t/h powder fertilizer line has been operating for commercial since December in 2019. The powder fertilizer product is very nutritious to the soil and plant, thus very popular in the market. The customer has expressed great satisfaction with Shunxin facility's equipment quality and service.

3. 4~6 tons/hour Organic waste + humic acid fertilizer producing system in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Fertilizer Plant

The customer has a factory specializing in the processing of humus, and he also has his way to collect large amounts of organic waste. When first contacted us to discuss the details of the fertilizer project, the client once suspected that our solution could not meet his raw material processing needs.

After repeated calculations, verification, and communications, the customer finally got convinced and accepted our line design, using a large wheel disc turner machine in the Composting area, and the processes of batching - mixing - granulating - drying - cooling - screening - coating - packaging in the Production area.

As soon as the line installation is completed, the customer couldn't wait to ask our installation engineer to confirm and perform the commissioning. After seeing the successful completion of the production line testing, the customer held our engineer's hand and said gratitude all the time. Now the fertilizer production line is running smoothly, which has made our client a famous local entrepreneur.

4. 6~8 tons/hour Disc / Pan granulation plant for inorganic fertilizer in India

Disc Granulating Project in India

The customer has been working in an inorganic fertilizer plant for more than 7 years and gained a certain considerable wealth ready for a business in his name. Using the 3 kinds of silica sand, slaked lime, and sodium silicate powder as the main material ingredients, he added some other secret additives into the project.

According to the customer's established plan for the project, the technological process in his inorganic fertilizer production line is batching - mixing - granulation - drying - cooling - screening - packaging. And for his workers' safety, he finally accepted our second version of suggestion applying the dust cover on the conveyor machines before the granulation process.

Now the fertilizer production has entered the right track and developed rapidly. The customer and his team need to deal with many orders of fertilizer products every day. The customer thanks us for our high equipment quality so that his plan to open the door of fertilizer business has been carried out so smoothly.

5. 40~60 tons/hour Bulk blending fertilizer production line in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean Fertilizer Factory

The customer knew that there are few numbers of such fertilizer manufacturers in his country. So his original plan was to mix five raw materials such as NPK fertilizer to make a compound fertilizer. After knowing the high working efficiency and automation of the equipment, the customer finally decided to purchase two identical blending lines for the fertilizer production at the same time.

At first, the customer requested that all equipment be placed on the ground, which was thought to be convenient for maintenance. We told our customer that our equipment is very easy to maintain, and recommended the machines placed under the ground to facilitate the operation of the production line.

The customer took our advice and decided to take action soon in 2018. As a result, our project plan after installed helped save him two loading machines as well as 3 workers for each line. Our customer is very happy with the BB fertilizer production project because he has entered the BB fertilizer business quickly and occupied a large market in Zimbabwe.

As seen from the above several typical Shunxin fertilizer production project cases, that we provide customers not only with excellent equipment quality, but also our advanced technology and excellent service, and our accuracy and perfection of the fertilizer production line design according to customers' detailed information.

Thanks to our customers' consistent adherence to their established fertilizer production plans and quick decision making, our equipment can be delivered and installed as soon as possible to begin large scale commercial production.

The fertilizer production gap caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is going to last for a long time. Not many people can take advantage of this opportunity. Will you be the first to take action to start fertilizer production?

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