Which kind of cow dung is more valuable, wet or dry?

Which kind of cow dung is more nutritious, fresh or fermented?

What would you do to the cow manure, to throw it away or to make it into organic fertilizer?

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Making fertilizer products can help many farmers save the land the cow dung takes or the smell it emits. This article will renew your understanding of the cow dung’s value, and the ways to use cow dung to bring greater benefits, and the low-cost Shunxin equipment for you to easily realize these plans.

1. Dehydration

Fresh cow dung in farms  contain much of water. To make fertilizer, the dehydration is very necessary. As a result, Shunxin facility has developed many types of dehydrator machines. They can effectively reduce the moisture content of the wet cow manure from 70% or higher to less than 40%.

Shunxin animal manure dewatering machine in Malaysia

After solid-liquid separated, the dewatered cow manure can be directly sold to the producers who make scale organic fertilizers; farmers and gardeners who grow vegetables and flowers are also very fond of it. This is the simplest and fastest way for you to get paid from processed cow dung.

Schematic diagram of Dewatering machine parts

2.Drying process

If you have a plan to make cow dung into organic fertilizer that is better than the dewatered type, you can use Shunxin rotary drying system to dry the cow dung to less than 10% humidity by heating and air drying.

Shunxin Rotary Drying System performs well in Pakistan site

The dried cow dung will be like a dry solid fertilizer. It is much more convenient for transportation and more convenient to apply. As a result, the product price raise 50% more than higher than after simple dehydration.

3D Schematic diagram of Shunxin Rotary Drying System

3. Mixing

Cow dung contains the highest organic matter content in poultry manure. After fully fermented and rotted together with straw, grass leaves, other manure species, etc., the content of nutrients can be greatly increased. Therefore, it is a good way to to double even triple the price of final fertilizer product. Shunxin organic fertilizer mixer can ensure continuous and uninterrupted operation. So you can mix the cow dung with other auxiliary materials.

Shunxin fertilizer mixer on continuous  cow dung and auxiliary mixture

4. Fermentation

The Fermentation process can greatly reduce harmful bacteria contained in cow dung and its mixture. At the same time, the nutrition will get more balanced for the final fertilizer products. Shunxin Compost Turner series and Fermentation Tanks can shorten the fermentation cycle. With our organic fertilizer starter products, the fermentation speed can be increased by another 25%, while the fermentation is more complete and the nutrients are more adequate.

Shunxin Composting Fermentation equipment speed up the decomposing

5. Crushing

A well-mixed cow dung mixture needs to be fully rotted in fermentation. Usually after that, there may be a small amount of large-particle agglomeration. Using various types of Shunxin Organic Material Crusher with different handling capacities can grind these massive large particles into powder. In this way, you can make the powder fertilizer products look better; at the same time, the granulation process (if) will be more efficient to proceed.

6. Granulation

After the crushed cow dung fermentation material is pelletized, the selling price will increase by more than 50%. Shunxin Machinery has a variety of granulation equipment, such as Disc/pan granulator, New organic fertilizer granulator, Rotary drum granulator, etc. We can configure the most suitable granulating equipment model for you based on how much cow dung you have (how many cows you raise) and what final product you need.

7. Packaging

If you want to develop large-scale commercial production of cow dung products, the packaging is an indispensable link. With it, the value of the product can be increased by more than 50% again. Shunxin Machinery provides various types of packaging equipment.

They can manage to pack the crushed cow manure compost powder as a powdered cow manure organic fertilizer product. Meanwhile, some of them can handle the granulated cow dung as granular organic fertilizer product. You can run the packing process according to your special needs. We will design a reasonable fertilizer production line for you so as for a more ambitious fertilizer business.

8. Secret Recipes

Here are some secret recipes that can significantly increase the value of your cow dung. You are welcome to adopt it on demand and use the corresponding Shunxin organic fertilizer equipment to obtain greater wealth from the raw material of cow dung.

a. After getting completely composted, you can use it to raise earthworm;

b. Mix it with small amount of bran and got composted, fed to pigs or chickens;

c. Mixed with small amount of sawdust and got composted, flowers and vegetables grow much better on the mixture;

d. Burn 500g dry cow dung into ash; take the pure manure ash powder; mix it into the feed twice a day to feed sows or piglets. This can quickly cure the diarrhea/pullorum of piglets;

e. …

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