Manure processing is a very good way for poultry farms or ranches owners to get rid of many problems, such as water pollution, bad smell, breeding of mosquitoes and flies, etc. Then it will be much more convenient for them to fulfill further usages with the processed manure, like directly applying it to the field, selling it to agro farmers, or making better organic fertilizer products for sale.

Scaled chicken breeding farm for Shunxin fertilizer project in Vietnam

Scaled chicken breeding farm for Shunxin fertilizer project in Vietnam

How to make fertilizer from chicken manure?

Shunxin machinery has been focusing on many kinds of issues during the animal manure processing since its foundation in 2005. Using a variety of different professional equipment or production lines, Shunxin machinery has solved lots of problems for thousands of customers like farmers, farmers and organic fertilizer producers. No matter you are the owner of a large-scaled chicken farm, or you have a small one, you will find a suitable solution from Shunxin equipment for your farm waste issues.

Great performance of Shunxin Crawler Turner in Chicken waste processing project in Malaysia

Among many solutions for chicken manure processing as Shunxin machinery is specialized in, below 4 options are the most commonly applied corresponding scene to process chicken manure in many projects we propose for the clients. Shunxin machinery will provide you details and specifications of the chicken manure disposal methods, machine configurations and manufacturing with our professional technologies and services, so you’ll know how to dispose of the chicken waste project and how to make more profits from it.

Dewatering machine on layer dung from Shunxin client in India

1.Making fertilizer, the best profitable way of chicken manure processing?

1.1.What nutrients are found in chicken manure for processing?

1.1.1.Nutrients of chicken manure for organic fertilizer production

Tech team of Shunxin machinery has found out that chicken manure is rich in nutrients, not just a lot of organic matters like Crude protein or fat, but also higher nutrient contents of N/P/K (Nitrogen/Phosphorus/Potassium) elements.

How to process chicken litter as fertilizer?

Nutrients in Chicken waste

Crude protein Fat Ash Carbohydrate Fiber Nitrogen Phosphorus Potassium
18.7% 2.5% 13% 11% 7% 2.34% 2.32% 0.83%

The contents of N/P/K in Chicken manure are respectively 4.1 times, 5.1 times and 1.8 times that of pig manure, and are 4.5~7.7 times that of cow dung. It can be seen that under the same weight condition, chicken droppings have the highest nutrient content among all kinds of poultry/livestock manure types, and it is very impressive how highly effective the crude protein and N/P/K (Nitrogen/Phosphorus/Potassium) are as green fertilizer supplies for agro crops/plants. This makes chicken manure one of the first choices of raw materials for organic fertilizers.

Contact us get machines for chicken manure disposal?

1.1.2.Why is chicken manure fertilizer production business profitable?

The main substance of the organic matter in unprocessed raw chicken litters cannot be effectively absorbed and utilized by crops in the soil. Shunxin machinery offers many kinds of equipment and project plans for chicken manure fertilizer processing. Well-processed chicken manure fertilizers are much better to increase the content of organic matter in the soil. It will make the soil performs better at soil water retention, fertility maintenance and ventilation, etc., with the ability to regulate the temperature in the soil. It can significantly improve the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the soil, mature and improve its fertility.

Chicken Manure Dryer

How to make compound fertilizer with physical method?

At the same time, processing chicken manure into organic fertilizer can help farmers save a lot of land for other uses instead of storing raw chicken manure materials, remove the bad smell without causing complaints from surrounding residents, create some employment opportunities and keep the environment protected which can attract good investments and policy supports.

Due to these good characteristics and effects, chicken manure fertilizers are more popular than raw manure materials on the market, as more people need it, and the price is higher. As a result, many chicken farm owners prefer to process chicken manure into organic fertilizers to obtain more profits.

1.1.3.As a chicken farm owner, how do I maximize chicken waste value?

The feed taken by chickens can not be completely digested and absorbed due to the structure of its digestive system. This makes the excrement of chicken feces very abundant in the nutrients from its food. While almost 40~70% of the nutrients are discharged out from the chickens as wastes. According to the relevant research data from the customers of Shunxin machinery, each layer can defecate about 35kg per year, and each broiler can defecate 4.09kg (1~2 months); an adult chicken excretes about 100~150g of fresh feces per day.

Scaled chicken breeding farm for fertilizer project

Hundreds of thousands of chickens on the farm will make their manure one resource and wealth that farmers need to consider, develop and utilize. You can leave it aside, throw it away, give it to else, directly apply it to the soil or feed it to animals which might lead to poisoning. Other choices are that you can make more profits from the chicken waste while enjoying the full advantage of our advanced technologies, choosing a suitable machine to process chicken manure like dewatering or composting, or finding a specific project design for powder or granular organic fertilizers according to your farm-scale with different kinds of processing plans from Shunxin machinery.

How to recycle chicken manure?

1.2.Vital preparation prior to process chicken litter into fertilizer?

A very important aspect of chicken waste processing Shunxin Machinery has been working on is the composting/fermentation of raw manure before making it into organic fertilizer. In the completely composted/fermented chicken manure by Shunxin equipment, the proteins and other large molecules in fully fermented chicken manure compost will be completely broken down into small molecules, which can be directly absorbed by crops.

With the help of Shunxin equipment, the chicken manure compost can be applied to farmland, have a good effect on plant growth, and begin to exert its best performance. It can avoid the burning to plant roots caused by the large amount of heat generated during fermentation. And the agro crops can be saved as well from the destruction by a large number of residual bacteria.

Shunxin machinery has designed many different types of high-performance chicken manure processing equipment to help clients make harmless and high-class chicken manure fertilizer as needed. For example, the chicken waste dewatering machine is able to separate solid matter from the liquid manure; the chicken manure fermenter can decompose chicken manure at a fast speed; the chicken litter compost turners will turn the molecules in the raw material fully contact with the air for completely composting. In this way raw chicken manure can be harmlessly processed and completely rotted.

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