What is manure processing machinery?

Manure processing machinery refers to the kind of fertilizer equipment that is used to process some kinds of raw materials into manure/fertilizer to improve the crops yield and fruit quality of plants in the field.

Shunxin machinery has established a professional technology team for research and development since 2005, at the same time trained a highly efficient team on equipment production and equipped with several sets of equipment with advanced processing technology. At present, there are hundreds of kinds of fertilizer treatment equipment that we can mass produce. Meanwhile, we are constantly developing and trial-producing equipment combining with new treatment technology for manure processing.

Delivery of Manure processing machinery from Shunxin Facility

If you have some needs for manure processing, welcome to talk with us about your raw material and processing capacity. We will design and provide you the most suitable proposal according to your information of fertilizer plan.

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What kinds of raw material are applicable to the manure processing machinery?

The most common raw materials come from manure from livestock and poultry animals in the farms, such as chicken, duck, goose, pig, sheep, horse and rabbit, etc. There are also many other kinds of raw materials suitable for organic fertilizer processing:

  •  Agricultural wastes such as straw, soybean meal and cotton meal;(auxiliary materials)
  • Industrial wastes like distillers’ grains, cassava dregs, sugar dregs, etc.;
  • Animal Farms Manure Wastes like cow dung, sheep manure,  chicken litter . ( most favourable organic materials for organic fertilizer production.
Material available for manure processing machinery

How to turn these organic materials into fertilizer with our machines?

What can manure processing machinery do about the raw materials?

You can determine which organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment to be used based on your processing needs for the different kinds of raw materials.

1. If the raw material to be processed is with too much water, such as chicken manure in the water or fresh cow dung in the slaughterhouses, Shunxin Solid-liquid Separating Machine is a good choice if you want to separate the dry manure from the raw watery material;

Wet materials Shunxin Solid-liquid Separat are for

How to get dried manure for composting?

2. For better effect of the final fertilizer, the raw organic material needs to completely composted. We have many types of compost turner machines for different disposing capacities, like the Moving/Crawler/Groove/Wheel compost turners, etc. You can choose the most suitable equipment for your manure processing;

Shunxin Compost equipment to-in different countries

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3. When you plan to make your raw materiel more powdery, Shunxin Semi-wet Material Crushing Machine or Shunxin Vertical Crushing Machine is suitable for the process. We also have many other types of crushing machines to help you achieve the powder;

Shunxin Material Crusher on large particles to powder

How to get fine manure powders with sx fertilizer crusher?

4. For the number of oversized particles, hard bricks or large stones in the material, you can use Shunxin Rotary Screening Machine to sieve out them from the rest powdery material as needed;

Shunxin Rotary Screening Machine at Uzbekistan project

Want to make quality manure compost? SX rotary screener is the best!

5. Many clients prefer to make granular fertilizer products from the raw materials for a longer storage or a better market, we have lots of machine types for you to process as needed, such as Shunxin Disc Granulator Machine, Shunxin New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator, and Shunxin Rotary Drum Granulator, etc. .

Shunxin Granulating machiens for your option

How to turn organic manure wate into granular fertilizer?

6. Commercial fertilizer production requires the final manure products to be in bags for a better price. You can use Shunxin Packaging Machine to semi-automatically pack the fertilizers as needed.

Shunxin packing machines at many project sites

Choose an ideal bagging machine to pack the manure efficiently!

Most of our equipment can work independently through their special functions in the fertilizer production process. At the same time, we can design different schemes as complete production lines to meet a larger manure processing needs according to your plan on the fertilizer project.

Several commonly-used complete sets of equipment configurations in manure processing machinery:

1. Minimalist configuration: Single machines like Solid-liquid separating machine, Semi-wet material crushing machine, Packing machine, etc. This design for manure processing can be taken as a basic version of Powder Fertilizer Production Line;

Minimalist configuration of manure processing machinery

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2. Low configuration: New functions added in beside the equipment in min. conf, such as the Horizontal mixing machine, Granulating machine for granular fertilizers or Screening machine for powder products, Belt conveying machines, etc. This design can be used for the powder manure processing with more specific requests or as a basic version of Granular Fertilizer Production Line;

Low configuration of manure processing machinery

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3. Medium configuration: New functions added in and larger machine models replaced compared to the machines in the low conf., such as Vertical crushing machine, Single shaft mixing machine, Drying machine, Cooling machine, etc. This design is available for larger processing capacities or a commercial fertilizer production;

Medium configuration of manure processing machinery

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4. Standard configuration: New processes added into the project design as a common Granular Fertilizer Production Line (Some machines in the line can be used to produce powder fertilizers at the same processing capacity): Solid-liquid separating machine, Composting machine, Vertical crushing machine, Double-shafts mixing machine, Granulating machine, Drying machine, Cooling machine, Screening machine, Coating machine, Packing machine, Belt conveying machines, etc.;

Standard configuration of manure processing machinery

What’s the price of this standard granular manure production line?

5. High configuration: With more specific processing requests for large capacities: Continuously working composting machine, Automatic feeding machine, Screening machine, Vertical crushing machine, Double-shafts mixing machine, Granulating machine, Drying machine, Cooling machine, Screening machine, Coating machine, Automatic packing machine, Belt conveying machines, etc.

High configuration of manure processing machinery

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From the above configurations, we can see that there is a lot of equipment increased or decreased among different configurations, which will directly lead to great differences in the investment costs for manure processing machinery. For a very start into the business of manure processing machinery, we highly recommend you to start it from a small scale. For example, cutomers with different scale of poultry farms, like chicken farms, you can go to the chicken manure processing page for more info on the project, whileas for cow farm owners you can go here.

What are the advantages of small scale organic manure processing machinery?

1. The organic fertilizer produced is for self-use only or just sold locally, so there is no need for equipment production lines with too much capacity;

2. For just 2~5 people at home to operate the fertilizer production normally;

3. Restrictions on investment costs;

4. Less machines thus smaller area taken;

5. Growling bigger fast, more flexible for you to decide the business future.

What machines can be used for small scale manure management?

So, how to seize the opportunity to get suitable manure processing machinery?

1. When purchasing the equipment for fertilizer production, try to choose a well-known enterprise with strong production strength, good machine quality, excellent customer service, superb advanced technology and reasonable project price. It can effectively reduce the risks in the purchasing and after-sale;

2. After confirming the equipment provider, you must communicate the actual details and time planning of your fertilizer project with your sales representative or customer service of the enterprise, so that the technical team can provide you with the most feasible solution.

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