1. Timeline:

  • Inquiry on 31st May, 2019;
  • Deposit on 2nd July, 2019;
  • Delivery on 19th July, 2019;
  • Receipt on 26th August, 2019;
  • Installation on 24th~29nd Oct., 2019;
  • Opening on 12th Dec., 2019.

2. Raw material:

93% dry coffee cherry pulp, remainder is small amounts of cow and chicken dried manure, dolomite, rock phosphate, coffee hulls and some grass, rice straw, already composted. Interested in chicken manure fertilizer production, welcome to chicken manure processing method.

Raw material of Timor Lester fertilizer project

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3. Problems:

The considerable amount of bricks and stones even metal matters mixed in the raw materials make the completed compost unable to be commercially packaged, nor directly applied to crops in farmland or plants in gardens. The client has to screen out these objects before they can process the compost into bags for sale on the market.

3D line design for powder fertilizer project in Timor Leste

How to make compound fertilizer with physical method?

4. Project plan confirmation:

The client’s plan at first was to crush the oversized material in the compost;

Later the client informed that he wanted to process the compost into powder fertilizer and sell it in bags. Our suggestion of the plan adjustment was accepted to apply the process of a Powder Fertilizer Line;

After learning that there were stones in the raw material, we updated the original workflow and got approved to: Composting – Feeding – Screening – Crushing – Packing;

Stones screened out from the raw material in Timor Le

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Then the client claimed some metal matters might be in the raw material. Therefore we specifically optimized the plan with a Metal Removing Device before the Crushing Process to protect the Crusher machine from the metal damage.

Engineer with workers at Timor Leste project site for installation

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5. Final product usage:

The raw materials are very special, full of nutrients and high in value. It has a very good application effect on plants in the gardens and crops in the field. The client also use it as fish feed.

Project engineer of Timor Leste fertilizer company was very happy with the commissioning

Now this 2~3t/h Powder Organic Fertilizer Production Line has been officially arranged for commercial operation in December 2019 and started continuous large-scale production for sale. Keep befitting from the considerable economic profits, the client is very satisfied with this fertilizer project and technical services from Shunxin machinery. More types of project solutions, go here.

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