There exists two types of fertilizer bagging machine, which includes powdery fertilizer bagging machine and granular fertilizer bagging machine. Powdery fertilizer packaging machine includes packing scale without bucket, single bucket and double buckets automatic packing scales.  For packing scale out bucket, which has a gravimetric sensor at the discharge pot. This sensor can control the weight of organic fertilizer, which has lower cost and high accuracy. Granular fertilizer machine includes packing scales without bucket , and bucket with one or two buckets, which needs one person to put bags on the discharging port , and the machine will automatically fill the bag . And then the bag will enter next steps , including folding and sewing . What’s more , our packaging machine has the functions of bag sealing.


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The Importance of Fertilizer Bagging Machine

Fertilizer packing machine is for powder and granulespackaging. For industrial or commercial fertilizer production, and fertilizer packaging is an important procedure. Generally speaking, fertilizer bagging machine is necessary for large production of fertilizer . On the one hand , packaged fertilizer is convenient for transportation and storage. On the other hand , it will cost more time to manually package fertilizer. In addition , the fertilizer bagging machine can finish bagging with high efficiency and accuracy. Therefore , in  industrial fertilizer production , fertilizer packaging machine is necessary. What’s more, our company has auto packaging machine, which can finish feeding , filling , weighing and packing.

Designs Features of Our Packing Machine

Design Details of the Fertilizer Bagging Machine

Our packaging equipment is a kind of fertilizer units mainly used to pack various fertilizers, such as compound fertilizers, BB fertilizers, urea, and so on.

It designed with single packing scale, and double packing scales or three packing scales.

Characteristics of our fertilizer packing equipment include high quality, reliable performance, high efficiency, long service life, high weighing accuracy, low power consumption, and easy operation, etc.

Our automated packaging machine can be used individually or in combination with other fertilizer equipment.

Advantages of Packaging Machine for Fertilizer

1). Fast packaging speed

2). High quantitative accuracy, ≤0.2%

3).Use international advanced technology, which has high reliability

4).Integrated structure, and easy maintenance

5).The material contact parts are anti-corrosion steel alloy

Automatic Double Bucket Fertilizer Bagging Machine for Packaging Fertilizer

Working Principle of Fertilizer Packaging Machine

Put the packaging bag into the bag dropper manually, and then the packaging machine will automatically pick up the packaging bag through the bag loading manipulator and move it to the waiting area for unloading, and the double bucket measuring scale will automatically measure it first. When the set weight is reached, and the materials will enter the bag.

Workers are Using our Fertilizer Bagging Machine in Pakistan

What does the Fertilizer Bagging Machine do

The fertilizer bagging machine is for packing materials to protect materials from damage and facilitate transportation. The materials to be packaged can be bulk materials, bulk materials, granular materials, food and chemicals, which can also be used for filling, weighing and packaging of fertilizers, and you can set relevant parameters on the control cabinet.

It uses for fertilizer powder and granules. For powder packaging machine, its internal structure is more complex,  for powdered fertilizer is easy to block the outlet, and there is a special design to solve this problem, and for granular packaging machine, barrel less packaging machine has cost. In addition, the double bucket packaging machine has higher efficiency and higher precision. In addition, if you want to have higher efficiency, and you can use a double bucket packing machine.

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