Shunxin facility has been designing and installing fertilizer projects for customers from all over the world for more than 15 years. The industrial fertilizer production processes are mainly for organic fertilizer production and compound fertilizer production. As a result, thousands of customers have benefited from our machines and proposals for years. 

The raw material types and the handling capacities are very different for many customers. For this reason, we can accordingly design the equipment in the fertilizer production process and their functions differently with their features. Let’s see how the equipment performs in the production process of fertilizer. 

I. Fundamental processes involved in organic fertilizer production

With the process flow diagram, we can know about an organic fertilizer production project. Shunxin Technical Team can design the flow diagrams with clear and confirmed unit operations and processes in the fertilizer production.

1. Fertilizer production processes for organic chicken manure

Below is one of our project diagrams for the chicken manure fertilizer production process. The process flow is: Composting – Crushing – Mixing – Granulating – Drying – Cooling – Screening – Packing.

The factory process for chicken manure to fertilizer production starts from raw manure Composting with Compost Turner. It’s very important as it can decompose of the manure ingredients and kill bad bacteria to fit the soil better;

After composting, the equipment for fertilizer production is according to the reasonable process flow: the manure compost gets crushed and mixed with other materials kinds as needed t to granulation; After dried out and cooled down, the qualified pellets get packaged into bags; At the same time, the unqualified pellets like granulation-failed or oversized get screened out for re-crushing and re-granulating. 

Organic chicken manure fertilizer production process

This design is suitable for the production process of organic fertilizer from animal waste, too. For example, the working process of cow manure organic fertilizer production line. By changing the machine models of every process, you can apply it to handle the fertilizer output of 1~8 tons/hour.

2. Processes involved in biofertilizer production

Most processes in a bio-fertilizer production plant are similar to the chicken manure process. Here is one of our processing designs as a reference: Composting – Crushing – Mixing – Granulating – Drying – Cooling – Screening – Coating – Packing.

There is an additional Coating machine as seen in the schematic diagram. We adjust the design and set it to process the microbes with specific functions. To clarify, the best timing for the microbes is after the screening process for the cooled pellets and before the packing process. 

As the microbes are sensitive to moisture and temperature, the coating process can keep them with the pellet fertilizer stable. At the same time, for more good-looking fertilizer products, you can use Resin, Paraffin, or Polyethylene as the film-forming materials for the pellet encapsulation.

Processes involved in biofertilizer production

We have many models of the Disc granulator type. In other words, the line capacity of this design is more flexible to produce pig manure fertilizers from 1 ton/hour to 5 tons/hour. For the mass production process, you can as well replace the disc granulator by other types like the Drum Granulator.

II. Compound fertilizer production technology agglomeration type process

Some customers have plans to produce compound fertilizer products. They usually many types of powder raw materials in the plant. Therefore, in the compound fertilizer production process, the uniform and quantitative mixing of various raw materials, especially for the operation of large output, is a very important link.

1. Simple and fast process for bulk blending fertilizer production

In short, as the “BB fertilizer”, the production process for bulk blending fertilizer is simple and very efficient: Batching – Mixing – Packing.

This fertilizer plant is for a small scale blending fertilizer production with a small power consumption process. The blending process performs automatically by batch for granular materials. Considering the fertilizer production speed and the fertilizer blending quality, you can adjust the blending time from 30 secs to 5 mins. 

It is your choice to decide the quantity of the material types, then put them into the blending hopper. Similarly, you can apply our Static Batching machine for 3, 6, or more kinds of materials, and use our BB fertilizer blender machine for the mixture product to the Packer machine. 

Simple and fast process for bulk blending fertilizer production

2. Large scale compound fertilizer production process

For large scale compound fertilizer production, continuous and efficient operation is the best choice. Therefore, our design for the mass production process of compound fertilizer is as below: Batching – Mixing – Granulating – Drying – Secondary drying – Cooling – Screening – Coating – Packing

There are usually many types of materials for large scale compound fertilizer project. In our process design, we apply the Batching machine for various powder materials as the first process. If some of your materials are granular types, we can add a Crushing process before Batching. Our Batching system works dynamically and automatically. With our Batcher in the production, you can get different compound fertilizer products as line outputs by specific formulas. Because all the powder ingredients of the raw materials can be quantified precisely as you need for mixing and granulating. Therefore your final fertilizer products get more suitable to the market. 

Large scale compound fertilizer production process

III. Safety precautions in the production process of fertilizer products

Shunxin machinery has set up hundreds of fertilizer production projects all over the world. “Machines operate safely!” is our least standards during the equipment manufacturing. We have many measures to keep our machines and projects safe for the workers and the environment. Let’s see our major processing equipment for fertilizer production and their functions.

1. All of our equipment and accessories are running based on the Physical Reaction. We will design a suitable plan for your fertilizer production according to your detailed project information. So you can rest assured that there will be no environmental incident in the process of fertilizer production.

2. Lots of our customers use animal manure or organic waste as raw materials. The biggest problem they have is an unpleasant smell after a period of material processing. For high requirements against the awful odor, we suggest the closed type fermentation process in the production of organic fertilizer.

Closed type fermentation process in the production of organic fertilizer

After the material goes into our closed Fermentation Tank, the deodorization system starts to work on the removal of the bad smell. When the fermentation is finished, the manure powder discharged out from the tank smells slightly to none.

3. The processing of compost fertilizer is carried out based on production requirements. We can calculate an estimated manure volume according to the numbers of the animal fed in your farm, and design an applicable composting area based on your special requests. For small scale compost processing, we suggest our Moving Compost Turner and Crawler Type Turner; and Groove type Turner and Wheel Pan type for middle and large scale composting.

Shunxin Moving Compost Turner from Vietnam customer
III. 3. Indonesian customers are very satisfied with Shunxin Crawler Compost Turner working at site
Fine and well composting with Shunxin Groove Compost Turner in Myanmar organic fertilizer project
III. 3. Shunxin Powerful Wheel-disc Compost Turner manages large scale composting for Ukraine project

4. To keep the security of the production process of mixed fertilizer, We have designed a series of ribbon and paddle types of mixers that operate semi-automatically or fully automatically. They are available to be applied in the position as designed to perform steadily and smoothly. In the meantime, they can be fully covered by a steel plate or a steel rod net based on your special requests. So that during the operation or the maintenance, the workers can stand on the machine without any fear to fall into it.

5. During the fertilizer drum granulation production process, the Shunxin Rotary Drum Granulator equipment is upgraded to work completely automatically. To run without any touching, you just press the “on” button correspondingly connected to it inside the Controller.

As it is big and heavy, we suggest pre-building the solid foundation support, or at least keeping the ground base hard and flat at a special angle of 2~2.5°. In this way, we can make sure the equipment can perform a perfect operation for granular fertilizer processing.

6. At the screening process in the production for different kinds of fertilizer products, our Screening machine works completely automatically. At the same time, we make it more flexible for multiple outputs of production. In many of our fertilizer projects at large scale production, the customers plan to make multiple sizes of fertilizer products. Therefore, we reform our trommel machines with multiple outlets as needed. They are available to match different sizes of screen nets, to a second screening, a third screening, a fourth screening, or even more as designated. Therefore the customer can respectively receive various sizes as specially designated of fertilizer products during the production for a better market occupation.

7. Many customers have special requests for the drying process of fertilizer production. In some areas, petrol or coal is easier and cheaper to get than other fuel types, while in some other places the diesel or wood is as preferred. Therefore, we design our heating equipment for the drying machine suitable to match any type of heating source. For example, on the dry processing of poultry manure for the production of agriculturally valuable organic fertilizer, our customer can choose the cheapest fuel material best for the project, without being restricted to some type of that may not be easy to get from the local market. In this way, we can help customers control the cost of the fertilizer project. What’s more, our drying system can operate automatically with higher efficiency.

8. On the control process for fertilizer production, we set separate “ON/OFF” buttons for each equipment in the fertilizer project. All the machines are connected with their switch buttons correspondingly. As a result, the operator can accurately control them ON/OFF during the production. Meanwhile, it can help to quickly find the problematic equipment and maintain it in time. 

9. What’s more, we can dispatch our Installation Engineer on your request to the project site. He will supervise the installation and train your manager and workers. As a result, all the machines and the complete line can be operating smoothly during the commissioning. Therefore, you can run the process successfully for fertilizer production. 

IV. The most environmentally friendly production process of organic fertilizer

Recycling organic waste is the best way to protect the environment. Meanwhile, most of our equipment and processes for fertilizer processing are electrically-powered. As a result, there will be no pollution to the surroundings during organic fertilizer production. The same goes for the compound fertilizer, BB fertilizer and NPK fertilizer production.

At the same time, the products from our production process are applied to the soil as the plant food. They can make the field better suitable for the thriving of crops and plants. This makes the project at a great position for fertilizer fortune.

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