Introduction of semi-wet crusher

Our semi- wet material crusher is produced by our professional researchers and engineers with years of experience of research and development. Besides, the rack of the machine is optimal carbon steel plate and box iron , and passes strict conformity certification. And the rotors of the machine adopts double deck blades design which makes the crush efficiency is twice as much as other crushers. Besides, its inner liner  has high – duty lining to decrease wall sticking of materials. In addition, it completely solves the problem of crushing organic matters with the moisture of 25%~50%. Moreover, semi – wet material crusher is widely used in the organic fertilizer production process and it performs well in crushing chicken manure , sludge and other wet materials.

Semi Wet Material Crusher,a Very Useful Equipment in the Organic Fertilizer Production

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This fertilizer crusher greatly shortens the production cycle of organic fertilizer, and saves production cost. And this fertilizer crushing machine adopts high – speed rotating blades to ensure nice granularity and high efficiency. Besides, the crush degree can be adjusted according to customer demand. Therefore, it is exactly indispensable equipment in the organic fertilizer production.

Suitable materials for semi wet material crusher

The semi-wet material crusher is suitable for crushing of biological organic fermented manure, grass sludge carbon, rural straw garbage, industrial organic refuse, livestock manure and other biological fermentation high-moisture materials. But, if these organic wastes are not deal timely, they will cause great harm to our environment. The semi-wet material crusher has good effect on raw materials such as chicken manure and humic acid. In addition, the machine uses the two-stage pulverized rotor, and the material first is crushed into small particles and then crushed into fine dust, finally it is unloaded.

Design features of semi – wet material crusher

1. The allowable value of biological fermentation organic fertilizer moisture reaches 25-50%;

2. It can also adjust crushing grain size within a certain range according to the needs of users ; Besides, it’s crushing grain size meets the requirements of granulation (>50);

3. It plays a grinding role in municipal solid wastes organic fertilizer, glass , ceramic , bricks and macadam to achieve the effect of using security ;

Design Highlights of Semi Wet Material Crusher

Working principle of semi – wet material crusher

Our organic & compound fertilizer crusher is a special equipment 1or crushing the materials with high humidity and multi – fibrous matter. Besides, it adopts high – speed rotating blades to ensure nice granularity and high efficiency. Semi – wet material crusher is very suitable for the organic fertilizer producing process and it performs well in crushing chicken manure , sodium humate and other wet materials.

Working Principle of Semi Wet Material Crusher
Working Principle of Semi Wet Material Crusher

1. It contains two layers crushing systems which crush the materials finely enough and attain the optimum efficiency.

2. It has no screen and sieve so as to crush hundreds of materials without blocking . Even the material which is just taken out from the water can be crushed without blocking to safeguard the normal operation of machinery and ensure the continuity of the production

3. It adopts high – alloy hard – wearing hammers ,which can make sure that they are strong and hard – wearing enough to prolong service life .

4. It is two – way clearance adjusting design. It means that when the hammer slices are worn out, we can continue to use them by moving their position without any repair.

5. It uses high technology to greatly ensure its sate reliability. In addition, it’s maintenance is free and easy operation . It only needs one person to operate.

Application of semi – wet material crusher

Semi – wet material crusher is very suitable for crushing straw , sludge , biogas residue , chemical fertilizer , etc . its range of application is as follows :

Dry or wet animal manure like chicken manure , pig manure and cow manure , etc after fermentation .

Biological organic compost fermentation, the urban domestic waste composting, grass mud carbon, rural garbage, industrial organic waste of straw, breeding livestock and poultry manure and other biological fermentation high wet material crushing.

Advantages of semi wet material crusher:

1. Wide range of applications, the machine is stainless steel material, which can meet multiple industry standards. Besides, the crushing chamber is equipped with a water-cooled jacket, to meet the crushing requirements of most heat-sensitive materials.

2. Harmless, low noise, separate collection room, and dust collection room, so that the dust will not do harm to our environment, which can meet the user’s requirements for cleanliness;

3. Strong production capacity, which can meet the production requirements of most users.

4. The semi wet material crusher has high alloy wear-resistant hammers. In addition, they are especially strong and wear-resistant, which are more durable than ordinary hammers, and increase the service life of hammers.

5. The semi wet material crusher adopts two-way gap adjustment technology, so, if the hammer is worn, it does not need to be repaired, and the hammer can be moved to continue to use.

Benefits of Using Semi Wet Material Crusher

Why choose us as the manufacturer?

As a manufacturer of semi wet material crusher, we have our own factory. Besides,we are an environmentally friendly high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and manufacture of organic fertilizers and compound fertilizers. In addition, we have a professional team , who are spare no efforts to the research and development of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer equipment.

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