What is bio fertilizer?

The Biofertilizer is a liquid organic fertilizer that can be produced within any rural property, with materials that are easy to find on the property itself (animal manure and plant remains). Its preparation is very easy and occurs in a relatively short time, being ideal to complement the fertilization with compost.

Produced and composed from living organisms. It is a natural fertilizer that contains the main minerals that feed plants directly. And increasing nutrient uptake and root biomass while helping the plants control pests and diseases.

Bio fertilizer is harmless to humans, animals, and the environment in general. It is economically viable, ecologically correct, socially just, culturally suitable, technologically appropriate, and scientifically proven.

Thus, it becomes ideal for smallholder producers and/or family farmers, especially those who produce basic and fundamental foods for human consumption. So, bio fertilizer production line could change the waste into the useful fertilizer.


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Raw materials for making bio fertilizers

1. Agricultural and living offal, including wheat, bush, legume, sweet potato and other crop straw, wheat bran, husk, moldy seeds, also contains bean residue, bean cake, rapeseed cake, paint seed cake, tea seed cake, cotton seed cake, etc.

2. Livestock excrement, such as commonly used manure, pig manure, sheep manure, cow dung, donkey manure, horse manure, young pigeon excrement, etc., also contains feeding cat manure, dog manure and other small pet excrement.

3. Domestic waste disposal, such as kitchen waste, farmers’ market waste, room waste, and yard waste.

4. Production and processing residues, commonly groundnut residue, potato residue, cassava residue, bagasse, wine trough, vinegar dregs, wood chips, straw charcoal, bamboo powder, bamboo fiber, bamboo ash, grass wood ash, etc.

5. Fallen leaves, rotten wood, river silt and other course substances.

How to compost biological waste into bio fertilizer

Preparation of bio fertilizer production

First, find a site far away from residential areas, because dust will occur during the production process, which will affect the lives of residents.

Second, the supply of electricity must be sufficient.

Third, ensure the finished fertilizers can be transported in time.

Residues from the fermentation of organic wastes or digested (fermented) sewage sludge normally require a composting before utilization. The composting transfers the anaerobic digestate into an aerobic environment and in addition (if required) the organic material is sanitised and odour is significantly reduced.

In-Vessel Composting is a process that uses forced aeration with or without mechanical stirring to treat compostable materials in an enclosed system and eventually produce compost. The compost is going under uniform temperature and moisture conditioned and controlled. It is very effective as it is useful to treat waste mixtures containing both food and garden wastes in a controlled environment. besides, it has the ability to monitor the temperature and control it. Setting up an in-vessel composting requires considering criteria such as existing land use and users, proximity to receptors and transport infrastructures. Its process is about 3 stages and can be used all year round. Our company has organic fermentation pot, if you want to compost biological waste in vessel, you can choose this equipment, whose fermentation speed is very fast, besides, it occupies less land resources.

Windrow type composting for treat bio waste .You can pile up biological waste into windrow type , and the compost pile can be placed on the ground or in a deep groove, then you can choose the right equipment for turning compost pile , Which can help you adjust temperature , moisture and Oxygen Content . And we not only provide the groove type turning machine , chain plate type compost turner ,wheel type compost turning machine , but also have crawler type compost turner and moving type compost turner . So , you can choose the composting machine that suits you in our company.

How to Make Bio Fertilizer, Fermentation Pot Ensure the Material's Quality

How to make bio fertilizer?

First, you should prepare raw materials, such as poultry, straw, sludge and garbage and other organic waste.

The poultry manure has many moisture, so you should dewater them. Our company has a solid-liquid separator, you can use it to dewater them.

How to Make Bio Fertilizer, Solid Liquid Separator is Necessary

Then you need to ferment the raw materials, our company has all kinds of compost turners for your need. You can ferment them in vessel, or you can ferment them in groove, it depends on your needs. Believe that there is always a machine that can meet your needs.

The next step is crushing the fermentated materials.The purpose is to make the materials even, we have different types of crushers. So, you can choose one of them according to your needs.

Granulating process: after crushing, you need a granulator to make the materials into pellets. Our company has disc granulator, new type organic fertilizer granulator, rotary drum granulator, which could meet your need.

Polishing: in order to make the pellets look beautiful, our company manufacture a polishing machine. It is necessary for the organic fertilizer production line.

How to Make Bio Fertilizer, Polishing Machine Helps You Make Beautiful Fertilizer

Drying and cooling process: the temperature is high and there exists moisture on the pellet’s surface. So, it is necessary to dry and cool the pellets.

Screening process: it is mainly screen the unqualified granulars, for getting perfect products.

Coating process: our rotary coating machine could coat a layer of film on the outside of the particles to prevent sticking. And then make the appearance of the particles more smooth and beautiful.

Packaging process: The automatic quantitative packing is designed for quantitative packaging . There are two types , double bucket packing Scale and Single bucket packing scale to choose.

Bio fertilizer making machine manufacturer

We are a company specializing in the production of fertilizer equipment. The company is an environmentally friendly high-tech enterprise. Especially dedicated in researching and manufacturing organic fertilizers and compound fertilizers. We have a total of more than 80 sets of various types of equipment, which can meet the production needs of customers. We have a professional team dedicated to product research and development. Our products have high quality, which are all meet or exceed the national standards. If you have interest in organic fertilizer production, we can customize the production plan for you free of charge. And  ensure the smooth progress of your production process. You can contact us any time.

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