More equipment choices for scale chicken manure processing

  1. For different dewatering capacities on animal waste:We can customize the dewatering machine according to Clients’ actual needs, such as the Triple type or the Sieve type. These types and models are designed to separate large handling capacities of high-water-content materials, like medicine dregs, or sludge waste, or livestock manures from chickens/ducks/pigs/sheep/cows, etc. Different handling needs for all kinds of separating projects can be satisfied with our machines.
  2. For different raw material and crushing capacities:Shunxin Semi-wet Material Crusher is mainly used for pulverizing organic materials with relatively high water content, such as livestock and poultry manure in farms, bio-organic fertilizer fermentation compost, rural straw waste, urban domestic waste compost (MSW), industrial organic waste, grass peat, etc. The size of the machine is very small, so space can be saved; It can be operated after the power is turned on, so the operation is very simple. Different models of this machine can handle the output capacities from 1t/h to 8t/h to the crushing granularity of 50mesh (0.3~0.5mm).

    Shunxin New Type Vertical Crusher draws on advanced crushing equipment at home and abroad. After optimization and upgrading, it has no screen strips and can be debugged freely. It is mainly suitable for crushing organic materials and fertilizers. The design of the machine body is simple and smooth, and there will be no blockage during operation; the cutting blade material is special and strengthened, and cooperates with multiple chains, the service life is extended longer, and the crushing effect is excellent; the machine body is provided with an observation window, extremely convenient and quick to adjust or replace the wearing parts such as the blades and chains.

    Shunxin Straw Crusher is one of our new Crushing products, mainly used for crushing raw wood materials to uniform crushing fineness. It is equipped with a standard stainless steel screen, of which the screening mesh can be adjusted according to the specific requirements of the customer. The crusher is with a small footprint, simple for operation, and high working efficiency. Different models can handle the output capacities of from 1t/h to 5t/h. It is an excellent choice in the market to crush raw materials such as common-sized wood and branches, etc.