There are so many customers when they see the fertilizer equipment on our web, they want to know the price of the machine. Usually, the cost of the fertilizer production machine equipment depends on the specification of the facility customers need. So for customers who want to get the specific price of the fertilizer machine, whether the fertilizer production lines, like organic fertilizer production line, compound fertilizer production line or the bulk blending fertilizer production line, or the single fertilizer manufacturing machines used in the fertilizer production process, such as fertilizer granulators, compost turners, fertilizer crushers, fertilizer screening equipment, etc., you can tell us the basic information from your sides: the raw materials you have; your processing capacities per hour; and the form of the fertilizer you want to make (this is for the fertilizer production lines ).

Raw materials: Before to send you our quote for the fertilizer facility’s price, the first thing we would like to know the raw materials you have to produce the fertilizer. That is because the material will influence the availability of the machine. Usually, for organic fertilizer production, animal manure, like cow dung, chicken manure, got dung, horse manure are perfect, while kitchen wastes, garden wastes are not quite available. For compound fertilizer production, available materials are usually finished powder or granular straight fertilizers.
Processing capacities: the processing capacity of your raw materials per hour or day, month or per year will decide what capacities of the machine you need. Usually, the larger the capacity, the higher price you will pay for the fertilizer equipment. So, when you choose the purchase a new fertilizer machine from us, the other important thing you need to let us know is the capacity of you want to process your materials into the fertilizer. However, if you do now know how to calculate the exact capacity of your raw materials, you can tell us the scale of your farm, or how many animals do you have?
Finished fertilizer forms: When you need to complete fertilizer production lines, the finished fertilizer forms you need will also affect the price of the fertilizer equipment. Usually, the powdery fertilizer production line price is lower than the granule fertilizer production line with the same production capacity.